Friday, August 13, 2010

Forearmed - Alfonso Ossorio

Image Source: Wikipedia-Alfonso Ossorio

We did it in the eye, beyond apparitions of obligations. We fertilize terminologies now, become secret kingdoms in ideas, you and I, ablutions for this civilization. We hang around halos, and feel the justifications in sainthoods. Why do we feel the cross in religions, the cross in their moral aptitudes? Why do we feel that the moment we cannot see these crosses, we're somehow blind?

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Rez Cortez

Image Source: Eman59's photostream

Our skin is water, violent as oceans without destinations. Moonlight pulsate through branches, leaves, the tangles of your hair.  We're in for something sacred, conditioned to open night's altars.  Gecko sounds furnish some missing rhythms in our hearts.  There are no desecrations.  We're paddling through waves in us, further in their violence.  This isn't escape.  There are no omens anymore.  Just humidity fizzling out beneath our skin, like news of casualties becoming irrelevant.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pilita Corrales

Video & Image Source: Toiletholder

I think she knew she'd go places, before she was sent to a finishing school in Spain. Studying there, no doubt, gave her a sense of being  European, a Spaniard, in addition to her being Filipino. 

Sam Milby

Image Source: Star Cinema.

Sam Milby's version of "And I Love You So" updates Perry Como's soothing version of it. But in some ways, Sam does more to the song, particularly because Sam also plays the guitar accompaniment of his version.  Sam looks good singing and playing that guitar in his music-video of the song, from which the still-shot above is taken. Indeed, this Filipino American from Troy, Ohio has come a long way.  He still tries to maintain the American accent in the way he speaks English during interviews and other television programs.  But having stayed in the Philippines since his Pinoy Big Brother days has somewhat eroded that accent.  However, this erosion is not necessarily a liability, just a marginal aspect in Sam Milby the person;  in fact, that  may help underline or enhance his intimacy with fans. The Sam Milby body, voice, face, and personality continues to be a highly desirable commercial package, something he, his agents, promoters, and publicists can maneuver properly for  future Sam Milby hit movies, television programs, and music albums.

"The Sight of Love"-The Camerawalls/Sarah Gaugler

Video & Image Source: The Camerawalls.

Play it. Feel The Beatles for a while, and before you know it, something else emerges. That you're falling into their music? That you're back to a backyard in childhood, running around a tree, chasing summer? How green was the green then? Memory saturates on history, tunes of veiled regrets. It's never pain. There are no desecrations.

Lola - Brillante Mendoza

Video Source: Equation Films.

I haven't seen this movie.  Fresh story-line, I hope, from the workaholic Mendoza.  Anita Linda looks like she just stepped out of Tayong Dalawa, and had a heated exchange with Stanley. She can look at the future, like it's already the present.